River Of Dreams Base Camp


The River of Dreams BaseCamp is located at 75 miles northwest of Balmaceda airport and about 50 miles from the city of Coyhaique, right at the Confluence of the Paradise spring creek and Blanco River, overlooking the river and the spring creek. The specific location of the Camp its 45°39'40.04"S and 72°36'20.23"W.

Just to get there it’s a full experience by itself. A very scenic and beautiful drive for over 2 hours, will get you to the end of the road, and where we still start a horseback ride for 2 hours to get into the middle part of the Blanco river Valley. After the horseback ride, we will jump into our jet boats and ride for another hour to get to our Camp. Once we get there, our staff will waiting for us to welcome you  with drinks and appetizers.

Our Camp its located in a 2,000 acres Ranch, surrounded for the most beautiful landscapes. Beautiful forest, mountain peaks, glaciers, and the most spectacular river, will make you feel as you are right in Paradise.

 It wasn’t easy to set a Camp in this place, right in the middle of nowhere. We took 2 years to set up our own civilization at the River of Dreams. We are the only flyfishing operation in the whole Blanco River Valley. More than 30 miles of water just for us.

The tents were designed and buildt by Andy and Eduardo, trying to make the less impact in the beautiful environment where they are located. Our guest will stay in 3 double occupation insolated wodden frame tents equipped with heat, electricity and wooden floors. We have beds and all the comfort needed for a comfortably stay.

One big tent with a nice living room and dining area for the rainy days, plus a beautiful outside table located under a big Coigue tree with a nice fire pit to spend the night around the fire telling fishing stories and enjoying the stars after the fishing day. The Camp has electricity, hot water and 2 shower and bathrooms.



The Food


A touch of class, in the most unique setting in the planet, brings you to the tables of The River of Dreams accomplished chefs at our Camp. You will be treated as royalty, to celebrate your visit to our place. Fresh, homemade, organic and locally grown food will be part of our meals every day.

Magic Waters Patagonia Lodge, our main operation in the region, has being famous for its fantastic food and service being the Best Dining Lodge in 2014 for Anglers Choice Awards, and the Orvis International Destination of the Year for 2016, so the food and service its one of the main points to consider in this trips. Basing the food grilling outside dinners for our guests, the main ingredients are organic beef, lamb, fish and seafood, mixed with vegetables to blend in some of the best Patagonian recipes. Our stews and soups are big part of our fantastic recipes, and even at the Camp, expect to have 3 courses dinners. All our food is organic, and the main ingredients come from the Ranches around the Camp.

 Chile is famous for good wines and at the River Of Dreams BaseCamp we are proud to have a large selection of great red and white wines from the best vineyards in Chile.. Every night, excellent wine and Pisco sours, our national cocktail drink, will be paired to match your evening cuisine.

We plan our week menu depending on our guests, so just let us know in advance if you have any special dietary request.