Getting there


The River of Dreams BaseCamp is located in Southern Chilean Patagonia. Santiago (Scl) its Chile´s Capital, and you will have to fly here first to get your flight to Balmaceda (Bba), where our Camp representatives will pick you up. You can have a short layover in Santiago and fly to Balmaceda right away, or if you prefer, you can stay in Santiago overnight, and get to Balmaceda the day after. Plenty of fun activities, museums, the Wine Country and great restaurants in Santiago.

After you get to the airport in Balmaceda, our staff will be waiting for you at the airport, to get you to our Camp. Coyhaique is the main city in the area, and its worldwide famous as the Mecca of the Dry Fly fishing in Patagonia. Coyhaique area is compared with the American West but 100 years ago, being the less populated area in Patagonia.


Starting the Real Adventure

To get to the River of Dreams is a full adventure itself. A very pleasant and scenic 2 hours and 20 minutes drive in, going across the town of Coyhaique, the Simpson River National Park, sightseeing glaciers, mountain peaks and beautiful rivers, you will just love the drive. At the end of the road we will met Jorge Martel, our Gaucho, who will be waiting for us with his horses ready to start the most wild and incredible horseback trip for around 2 hours. The horseback trip to get in the middle section of the valley, it’s an incredible fun and scenic adventure, but its not recommended for everybody, just for the adventurous angler that can manage a very rough 2 hour horseback trip, going up and downhill, jumping rock to rock, going trough deep muddy areas, across small creeks. At the end of the horseback trip, our guides will be waiting for us and we will jump in a jet boat for another 45 minutes to get to our destination,


The River of Dreams BaseCamp.
45 minutes going upstream in one of the most prettiest rivers in the planet, surrounded by beautiful wild forest, thick jungle, spectacular waterfalls, snowed mountain peaks, majestic glaciers, and very, very fishy water.
When you get to Camp, our Chef and staff will be ready to welcome you and your friends, to start getting ready to go fishing.