River Of Dreams Base Camp

The most wild and unexplored river in Patagonia

• 30 miles of the most untouched river in the planet •
• The most exclusive fishery in Patagonia  • Fantastic 2 mile spring creek at 100 meters from the Camp • Brown trout up to 27 inches • Wooden framing insulated tents. • Gourmet food and service • Limited to 6 guest • The most famous and experience guides in patagonia •


For years there was a myth about the fishing at Blanco river. About wild gigantic brown trout living in one of the most inaccessible and beautiful valleys on the planet. After years wondering and dreaming about the mythical Blanco river, Andy Manstein and Eduardo Barrueto from the Magic Waters Patagonia Lodge decided to explore the Blanco River area to find a way to get in there. With big rapids and waterfalls in the lower part of the river, and a huge impassable canyon in the Upper part, it’s really impossible to get to the 30 mile long mid valley section with any kind of boat. For the geography of the area, it’s impossible to get a road access neither, so we needed to try different horse trails until we finally found the “easier” one to get to the river. This effort got rewarded with being the first and only fly fishermen in one of the most beautiful, untouched and wild river in Patagonia, where fishing pressure doesn’t exist and the trout have never seen a fly before. Some of the biggest, wild and aggressive brown trout in Patagonia…. This is a trip for the adventurous angler, for the angler that wants to explore new waters chasing wild big brown trout off the beaten path.



A look into River Of Dreams Base Camp

and Magic Waters Patagonia LODGE

We support

The River of Dreams BaseCamp its an Orvis Endorsed International Destination. We feel very lucky to be part of this big family, The Orvis family, always focused on representing the Best Fly Fishing Destinations around the planet. We both share the passion for the outdoors life, the adventures and the protection and conservation of our natural world. In early 2017, while we were doing our explorations at the River of Dreams, we told our partners at the Orvis Company about this possible new venture in Patagonia. Right away, their Vice Chairman, and good friend of our Lodge, Dave Perkins, came to visit us and he was our first guest fly fishing our River of Dreams BaseCamp. He said “ It was a fishing experience of a lifetime”.

At Magic Waters Patagonia Lodge and at The River of Dreams BaseCamp we have a big compromise with the planet and with our people. We are proud to be a Trout Unlimited Endorsed Business, and we are happy to support a few other fantastic Conservation efforts , as WaterWatch Oregon, The Native Fish Society, Wild Fish Conservancy, The Atlantic Salmon Federation, Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Yellow Rose Foundation, Rogue Climate and few others.

How to get Here

Enjoy a fantastic adventure horseback riding into one of the prettiest valleys in the planet.

The Camp

Glamping. Stay in one of the most exclusive destinations in Patagonia.


More than 30 miles of some of the best flyfishing in the planet .